The leading revenue consultant in Sweden

What we do

As we see it, successful business transactions are based on an understanding of customer values and the company’s ability to handle these customer values in its organization.

The customer value perspective is therefore an integrated part of all of Carrus’s methods of work. We help our clients to strengthen the strategic focus on business transactions with greater precision and growth to achieve a clear impact on profitability. The commercial organization is more oriented towards customer benefit with the aid of concrete action plans based on well defined and customized tools, which enjoy broad support in the organization. Through our ability to combine experiences from different industries and business models effectively, our customers strengthen their margins and achieve higher profitability.

Typical assignments may include price, customer, sales and revenue audits, price policies and guidelines and programmes for improving revenue, including strategy, organization, marketing, sales and channel development, purchasing processes and similar. We always work together with our clients and share our experiences. We are both thinkers and doers and often participate in the entire process from identification to implementation.

Our clients are not very enthusiastic about strategies that sit on the shelf gathering dust. They like creative solutions with a bearing on everyday revenue work. Their attitude leads to a good result. They don’t get a new company but a more profitable company with personnel who are a lot more skilled at price and revenue work with increased margins of 10-30 per cent within a year.