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Business strategy and organization

Companies that are good at sustainable revenue creation have a business strategy based on a strong customer value position and a concrete business model. The strategic direction is based on customers’ present and future needs with clear goals that permeate the whole organization and lead to sales based on genuine customer value.

We help our clients develop and reinforce their strategic direction to increase revenues in both the short and long term. Together, we identify critical areas for improvement and produce concrete strategies and action plans. The organization’s structure and processes are developed for increased customer value and revenues/margins. Implementation is supported by adapted programmes for competence development and coaching.

Important areas:

• Customer value analysis

• Commercial audit

• Business environment analysis

• Business strategy and planning

• Business and revenue models

• Organizational structure and manning

• The Roles and Responsibility of Staff (with clear work descriptions)

• Definition and development of key processes in the field of revenue

• Segmentation of customers and markets

• Packaging of products and services

• Optimization of sales channels

• Expansion to new geographic markets and customer segments