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Global pricing model


A young Swedish software company with a world-unique product with global demand wants to take the step to becoming a big company. Marketing, sales and profitability are to be multiplied by a new strategy.

In this context, pricing to the end customer is a key factor. Business transactions through intermediaries must also be adapted.


The revenue consultants from Carrus review the company’s business plan, products, market and pricing. On this basis, Carrus uses methods and experiences from similar transactions to produce a number of proposals and questions.

The client works through these together with Carrus, inter alia, in two workshops organized by Carrus. Carrus documents the results in a report, which is designed as the first version of a Pricing Policy & Guidelines.


The client has obtained new ready-to-use price models, price objects and price levels as well as conditions for discounts and other Income Leakage.

The effect of price on margins and competitiveness can increase, at the same time as revenues increase many times over.

The model for revenue control strengthens implementation of the new strategy for business with end customers and intermediaries.