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View from the top

Rich Lesser tog över som CEO för Boston Consulting Group i början av året och intervjuades av Financial Times i början av september. Här är ett kort utdrag ur en längre intervju som publicerades 8 september.

What are the key things chief executives need to be thinking about on a five-year view?

The first is the reshaping of the global economy. Asia, and I would say the rest of the emerging markets, are going to take a much higher share of global growth. Second, the rate of disruption and change from technology is enormous…staying ahead of the technology wave is incredibly important. Third, the need to be adaptive is incredibly important. This classic model of “If I set a strategy and I just run with it for the next three to five years” – That’s not the world we’re in.

Does this mean we need a new kind of corporate leadership?

I think we do…in the sense that historically a lot of leadership was founded on knowledge and judgment. In today’s world knowledge will be the easier part. The ability to draw insight from knowledge, the ability to project leadership down the organization, to create diversity leadership team, and to create more responsive, faster worlds that are ambidextrous, that can operate in the developed world and in the developing world, that can operate in established markets and still be investing in new models and new ways of growing. That will be incredible important.

Where’s your strategy taking BCG?

Thirty years ago what clients wanted from us was really thoughtful, strategic insights and recommendations. Twenty years ago it was those insights and recommendations and the ability to help them implement it. Ten years ago it was do those things…but orchestrate broad programmatic change across the company. Today, our clients want those three things, but they want a fourth, which is to actually build the capabilities of the organization. Because in a world of more uncertainty and volatility and change, they need to have adaptive organizations. So my first responsibility is to make sure that we are equipping ourselves in a way that adapts to what our clients expect today, not just what they wanted years ago. I’d say along that path they also want deeper capabilities, whether it’s industry knowledge or functional capabilities, and they really want a global footprint.


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