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About us

Sometimes we’re asked why Carrus Management was founded

“Once upon a time” there were four management consultants who did a lot of work on pricing in large and medium-sized B2B companies. They became increasingly aware that there was no management consultancy company that specialized in the revenue field in Sweden. There were customers in need of such a company and a niche was available in the market.

No sooner said than done, we decided to accept the challenge and started a company focused on revenue development. Since then we have added a lot of experiences. We have made highly appreciated contributions in projects and in line activities in leading Swedish companies with international operations. For the past couple of years, our playing field has expanded to the three areas, which in our experience are most important for revenues: Business strategy, Pricing, Sales efficiency.

Why Carrus? Carrus is a Latin word meaning a four-wheeled wagon. That was smart, wasn’t it. Now we are nine revenue consultants but we do not intend to change name. This would be a bad move now that we have established a good reputation in the business sector and among publicly owned enterprises. We expect the strong development on the revenue side to continue in the coming years, where revenue development work will be as well known a parameter as work to reduce costs, but a lot more enjoyable.