The leading revenue consultant in Sweden

Do you also want to be a revenue consultant?

While keeping costs under control is important, increasing a company’s revenues involves understanding the real customer value sold and delivered. There is a lot of work to do in this field. We are stimulated and driven by the opportunities to help management groups and line organizations to increase their revenues.

However, our assignments are about a lot more than this. We do not believe that a person can become a fully fledged revenue consultant without a good overall understanding of marketing and sales. Understanding the mechanisms affecting revenue processes are very important for example, it is very seldom only about rationality, logic or economics, but also about brands, relationships and behaviour.

If you think that hands-on operational activities – such as active participation in change-related processes- is as important as strategic planning and business development, you are just the kind of thinker-doer that we want. We enjoy the whole span of the consultancy profession – i.e. we like being analysts, strategists, sales people, project managers, developers, change leaders, and communicators in one and the same assignment.

If you are going to be credible to our clients – at management level and in the work with the personnel concerned – we know that seniority is a crucial factor. You should therefore be older than 35 and have experience as a management consultant but also from being commercially in charge in an operational post, advantageously in an international environment. We expect you to have a degree, such as an MBA, or other high level qualifications as a foundation.

And we want you to have experience of working as a consultant and to have an insight into what is required to be successful in this profession, perhaps as a sole consultant, or a board member wanting to participate in a larger group. Finally, it is practical if you live in the Stockholm region even if many of our assignments involve travel elsewhere for shorter or longer periods.

At Carrus, we have access to experience, models, resources and networks to find solutions for all different types of companies. But nothing is served on a silver platter, and there is no one to delegate to. On the other hand, you are never alone. You are a team member and must give others support if you expect to receive support. In practical terms, then, you should be able to obtain your own assignments by selling yourself and Carrus.

As the clients’ demands are pitched at a high level, we think that it is sensible both for you and us to see what it’s like to work together. We therefore envisage you starting as a sub-consultant for Carrus with access to the experiences, models, resources and networks that we have and naturally stationed at our office with full back-up from us.

If we both feel after a time that it feels right, we will put our relationship on a permanent footing and offer partnership with the ability to influence the company’s future direction and development.

If this feels inspiring, send us a few lines about yourself (and a CV) telling us why you would like to become a revenue consultant for Carrus.