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A dramatic increase in margins can be achieved by sharper, more methodical pricing, based on the customer values provided by a company. Pricing is as much about structure as level, based on well defined customer needs. The price is also very important from the point of view of communication, both for the offer and the company.

We help our clients develop both pricing and pricing ability. Many companies are now encountering strong pressure on prices, and purchasers not infrequently obtain assistance from purchasing consultants. With our aid, as price consultants, we develop together the client’s pricing, packaging, terms and conditions of contract, etc. In most cases, the client’s position is strengthened in selected segments at the same time as it is possible to obtain payment for a larger proportion of the customer value actually supplied.

Important areas:

• Price audit

• Price and Revenue analysis

• Price strategy

• Price positioning

• Price policy and guidelines

• Income leakage

• Customer value analysis

• Customer profitability

• Competitor analysis

• Terms and conditions of contract

• Price control and checks