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From loss to profit


A unit with 20 highly qualified technical consultants with their own responsibility for sales and customers in an international consultancy company had a negative development of earnings. The task was to get the organization to be more offensive, to increase additional and new sales activities to reverse the negative trend in turnover and profitability, i.e. to change the traditional approach of waiting for incoming orders and enquiries and responding with standardized offers.

The task was to achieve a considerable increase in turnover and profitability – To turn loss into profit.


Working together with the technical consultants, simple routines were created for planning, implementation, and follow-up of needs- oriented offensive sales activities, and the design of offers with the focus on pricing related to customer value.

The selling skills of the technical consultants were developed individually and in groups as their interest and motivation for doing good business was increased.

A common marketing and sales strategy was produced for the unit, a new organization to implement it with individual sales plans for each consultant.

During daily coaching, control and check-ups by an interim sales manager from Carrus, all consultants and managers were involved in the process work.


Already after four months of focused work, the unit reported a positive result and it has continued to develop positively subsequently.

A new approach to work was established: A clear sales strategy, sales methods, a model for control and checking up of sales work, new selling tools, and concrete action plans which were followed up every week. All were based on customer value.

Technology consultants with increased sales expertise, a focus on results and motivation – and making a profit!