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Expanded customer base


The client is a business area within a consultancy company in the infrastructure industry. The problem is that too large a part of turnover comes from a single customer. The assignment is to participate in developing a broader customer base as well as ensuring that the new market segments start to generate business.


The assignment takes place over five months where the consultant in charge from Carrus has meetings with selected assignment managers one day a month. In addition, a meeting takes place with every individual for two hours a month, which consequently means that every participant meets the Carrus consultant once a fortnight. The intention is to significantly increase sales visits according to individual activity plans. As well as to prepare participants, both in terms of expertise and skills, to be able to carry out professional customer meetings with a high impact. In the period between meetings, the participant has clear market goals to achieve.


The client’s goal was for the project to lead to an increase in the customer stock of 20-25 new contacts who were visited and showed interest in initiating collaboration. By the time the project terminated, over 70 new contacts had been obtained and contracts had been signed for over a half million Swedish kronor.