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Business development in mergers


Two technology consultancy companies are in the process of merging to create a stronger market position in Sweden and also to improve their international competitiveness. The consultants take care of sales in both companies with great differences in sales culture.

The overarching goal is to create a common, customer-oriented organization with high sales efficiency to achieve increased growth in turnover and profitability.


Carrus’s assignment is to create a common organization for both companies and to lead and support the practical process of merger.

After carrying out a commercial audit, a business area organization is developed with defined market responsibility. In addition, a separate KAM function is established to manage key accounts.

A business strategy is produced together with a concrete action plan for organizational change and further revenue improvement. New tools are introduced for customer contacts and pricing.

Implementation is supported by two revenue consultants from Carrus being hired as interim managers.


The integration of both companies was carried out as planned and leads to the expected increase in revenues and margins. The new organization has a clear strategic direction with a considerably higher level of customer orientation and a more businesslike approach among personnel.